Lancashire Trade Frames team strikes gold

Lancashire Trade Frames has announced the successful completion of an independent audit of its processes and the award of several accreditations relevant to the construction industry.

Mark Rowland, the fabricator’s Managing Director, is delighted with the outcome of the audit but said that the inspection was not a one-off. “This is simply one part of an ongoing commitment to meeting ever higher standards in fenestration. It gives reassurance to our customers, but the detailed inspection has also given us insights into where we can do more,” he said, adding, “That’s good because constantly seeking improvement is how we grow.”

The company asked CENSolutions to audit and inspect its operation because of its experience, reputation and capability. CENSolutions has BFRC approved simulators for Window Energy Ratings and has now certified Lancashire Trade Frames’ Kömmerling products to Band A and their Spectus products to both Bands A and B. While confirmation of the products’ thermal performance is more than welcome, it’s the receipt of the Gold CMS Mark for their Kömmerling system windows and doors that the Lancashire Trade Frames team is celebrating.

The Gold CMS Mark is the highest level that CENSolutions awards. The certification shows compliance with BS EN 14351-1: (CE marking), BS 6375-1:2015 (weather testing), BS 7412 (PVC-U windows and doorsets), BS 8529 (composite doorsets), PAS 24:2016: (Enhanced Security) and Approved Document Q. The Gold CMS Mark also demands bi-annual auditing required by key specifiers, including the NHBC and Secured by Design.

Mark Rowland, said that the dedication and skill of the whole team had contributed to their success, but said that there was no room for complacency. The imminent certification of their composite and double doors would be the team’s next focus. He said, “This is now a mature industry where high standards and professionalism are expected. On a personal level, we gain a great deal of satisfaction by producing high-quality windows and doors, but we recognise that independent verification of our standards is important for those we supply. We’d like to thank CENSolutions for their thorough audit, recommendations and, of course, for trusting us with their highest award.”

For more information about the Gold CMS Mark or to talk to the Lancashire Trade Frames team, call 0161 762 5800.