Investing more in aluminium fabrication

Lancashire Trade Frames has recently made a substantial investment in new equipment for the aluminium fabrication side of their business. The purchases, costing around £150k, were made as a result of the company’s commitment to continually reviewing, updating and upgrading plant and machinery.

With aluminium now a significant part of the Lancs Trade product range, the new machinery will deliver improved efficiency and allow the business to ensure precision manufacturing on every single order. The business has opted for advanced machinery that’s both adaptable and reliable and which makes use of the latest computerised control systems.

The new machinery includes: a Blitz Alva 550 double-headed saw with tungsten carbide blades and a motorised mobile saw head with electro-pneumatic control, a Dali 70 CNC controlled machining centre and a Mistral 26 end miller.

Mark Rowland, MD of the Bury-based company said, ‘This looks like a big spend, but it represents only a fraction of the total investment we’ve made in our operations over the years. We believe that getting the production infrastructure right is essential and we’ve never been afraid to back our beliefs with expenditure. With the right kit, everything about fabrication is easier. And, of course, that translates into accuracy, efficiency and our ability to remain very competitive.”

With a joined-up approach involving top-quality systems, a highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art technology, Lancashire trade Frames is well-placed to meet the growing demand for aluminium glazing in both the commercial and domestic markets.

Lancashire Trade Frames is always open to enquiries and welcomes visitors to its site. Anyone interested in learning more about either the company’s PVC-U or aluminium fabrication should get in touch.