Karl Williams, formerly of Glazerite, joins the dedicated team at Lancs Trade Frames

Lancashire Trade Frames has announced that Karl Williams, formerly of Glazerite, has been appointed as new General Manager. It’s a move that will strengthen the company’s position and support its plans for continued growth.

Karl’s commitment to the fenestration industry has been amply demonstrated over the years. He is passionate about growth, professionalism and quality. Manufacturing has always been an interest and Karl sees improving systems and boosting efficiency as fundamental when taking an already successful business to the next level. He says, “This opportunity is truly exciting. I’m working with a team dedicated to progress and that’s right up my street.”

The appointment comes at a time when Lancashire Trade Frames are undertaking more significant investments. A long-term program, driven by owner and Managing Director Mark Rowland, aims to keep the business both forward thinking and responsive. The latest acquisitions include a new Saw Centre and a Graf Cill Welder – both of which will help the business extend its range and output.

Mark Rowland said, “This represents only a fraction of the total investment we’ve made in our operations over the years. We believe that getting the production infrastructure right is essential and we’ve never been afraid to back our beliefs with expenditure. With the right kit, everything about fabrication is easier. And, of course, that translates into accuracy, efficiency and our ability to remain very competitive.

We’re always aware of developments in the market and in the wider world. Our latest investments combined with Karl’s commitment and knowhow will allow us respond and meet the needs of all our customers, now and in the future.”