Keeping it clear and simple

Lancashire Trade Frames have just launched a brand new website. Fully enabled for mobile and tablet, the site is simple to navigate and gets straight to the point with an invitation to talk.  The tone is down-to-earth, open and friendly and reflects a business which values those qualities highly. The layout is clear and the menus streamlined. Lancashire Trade Frames appreciate that their customers need, and want, to get to the important stuff quickly. They understand that an effective website is one with the right balance of information and functionality.

Keeping a strong brand identity is important for any business, and LTF have kept their distinctive colour scheme throughout the site. A key feature is the detail about the Solid Sense range of products. The site offers a message that is consistent with the company’s suite of consumer-focused literature. The Solid Sense brochures, which can be tailored to installer’s or builder’s own brands, have the same common sense, plain-speaking approach as the website and the business itself. As a handy feature, .pdf versions of each brochure can be downloaded instantly with a click of a mouse. The site includes detail about LTF’s three main systems: Kömmerling, Spectus and Smart’s aluminium. Here visitors can see a breakdown of the main features and benefits of each system without having to leave the site. To keep their customers fully up-to-date, the site includes a news page and the business’s informative, and entertaining, Twitter feed.

LTF’s new site includes an invitation for anyone to pay a visit to the company – to get to know the business, its ethos and its people over a cup of tea. But, recognising that time is always tight, and that their customers are always on the move, there are photos of the team behind the business’s success on the ‘About Us’ page.  Mark Rowland, LTF’s Managing Director commented, ‘It’s always good to be able to put a face to the name. Everyone’s welcome to drop in, of course, but we believe that our new website, with its robust, simple structure and clear information will make life easier for anyone interacting with us online.’

For more information about us, our new website or our plain-speaking approach, contact John Anthony (