Looks like we’re well-placed

Glazing Blogger has been sounding out the industry, with social media polls asking where the best opportunities are in fenestration in 2024. Data from X gave a bit more weight to PVCu. LinkedIn pollsters gave more votes to aluminium. The figures for timber were low, more likely reflecting the size of the market rather than its health. There was also a significant vote for a mix of all three materials. Interesting results, and it’s good to know that our current aluminium and PVCu approach aligns very nicely with what the market wants.

As we begin to look forward to the end of the year and some well earned time off over the Christmas
period, it is also time to start thinking ahead to 2024 and ponder where the best opportunities might
lie for the fenestration sector. 2023 has certainly been a challenging one in many aspects. The economy has taken a marked
shift downwards. War has certainly been a big distraction and influence behind the inflation all of us have suffered from. A cost of living
crisis combined with an energy crisis compiled the pressure on households.

But within the plethora of crises, and large businesses going bust, there have been opportunities. The obvious being in residential
aluminium. There has been a noticeable flock to this part of the sector by both installers and fabricators seeking to take
advantage of rising homeowner demand and a suite of products that are genuinely exciting to sell, install and view.

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