New Defibrillator in Woodhill

Lancashire Trade Frames, of Woodhill Road, have purchased and installed a new automated external defibrillator (AED) and would like everyone in the community to be aware it’s available for public use whenever it’s needed.
The purchase was prompted by an incident that the Managing Director of the window fabrication business, Mark Rowland, freely admits shook him up. An employee suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while on site, and it was only due to the quick thinking and first-aid skills of another employee, 21year old Liam, a trained first aider, that a tragedy was avoided.
Mark said, “Of course, as an employer, we’ve got trained first aiders on site, but it was still frightening. Afterwards, we wanted to know if there was anything else we could have done while waiting for the emergency services to arrive”.
After learning that early defibrillation can make a significant difference to survival rates and that only minimal training is required to use an AED, the business has made the purchase. The equipment is lightweight, portable and simple to use, with the device guiding the user throughout. By analysing heart rhythms, administering an electrical charge when necessary and instructing in the use of CPR, these defibrillators can save lives.
Mark commented, “I feel happier with this equipment on site, but it’s not just for our staff. This is a community resource. I hope no one ever has need of it, but if they do, it’s here”.
Lancashire Trade Frames are based at Lancashire House on Woodhill Road and can be contacted on 0161 762 5800 or their website