Outside information building inside strength

profileWith any new appointment, it makes sense to look for experience and aptitude. But it’s also important to realise that the glazing industry can learn from other sectors and that some skills are transferable. Two recent appointments at Lancashire Trade Frames provide an illustration of this principle.

Chris Sulley has been appointed as Manager of the Purchasing and Stores department. He had no glazing industry experience before he joined the company. His background was in the aviation business, and for many years he was responsible for keeping civilian and military aircraft supplied with spares, both at home and overseas. It is not difficult to imagine the number of components involved or the logistical issues that a supply-chain manager might face on a day-to-day basis. Glazing has its own challenges, but Chris has hit the ground running. He’s adapted quickly to new products, the fabrication process and a very different customer base. The procurement, stores and purchasing skills he’s brought with him are already helping to keep LTF’s production flying. In addition, Chris has entertainment industry experience and great people skills, and, of course, in business, making strong connections is invaluable.

A newly created role – Shop Floor Supervisor – has been filled by Graham Draper. The position is designed to strengthen the production team, with Graham reporting to and assisting the Production Manager. Graham has extensive knowledge of PVC-u fabrication, but again it is his wider skills that are benefiting the business. He has worked with aluminium systems for many years and with LTF now offering aluminium bi-folding doors, his expertise is paying real dividends.


The new appointments are part of Lancashire Trade Frame’s commitment to the development of a responsive, market-leading fabrication business. Managing Director, Mark Rowland commented, ‘It’s important to realise that people from the wider glazing industry, and indeed from industry in general, have skills and knowledge that will benefit our business. We don’t believe in isolating ourselves, and we’ll pick up best practice, and employ it, wherever we can.’

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