With a Strongpoint residential door, the beauty is more than skin deep. Good looking, definitely, but underneath that, there’s robust security and fantastic weather resistance. These doors are designed for the real world: they’re tough, they’re durable and they’re secure, and that’s a very attractive set of qualities.

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Why you should insist on Strongpoint

Your front entrance door is the first impression anyone gets of you and your sense of style, so it’s well worth investing in a stunning, high quality door.

There are hundreds of possible combinations of design and colour. Add to that a vast range of handles and accessories from the sleek and simple to real statement pieces. Your new door can be as individual as you are, and every bit as special. No wonder then that more and more people are insisting on a Strongpoint door.



A great choice of traditional and contemporary styles is available with solid panel or part-glazed options that mirror timber door designs. Strongpoint doors are available in a range of sizes so we can always find the perfect fit for any type of property. And when you pick from our stunning colour options, you might just cause your neighbours to turn green with envy.

 Heat Insulation

If you never want to worry about a heating bill again, choose Strongpoint. Our doors are built with a high-performance insulating core. What’s more we use energy-efficient sealed glazing units which exceed the Building Regulations’ Approved Document L requirements. Even with a bad winter, you can be warm and toasty with Strongpoint.


Strongpoint security is at the very heart of our composite doors, protecting you, your possessions and your family. Our doors are engineered with impact resistant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) combined with a rigid polymer sub-frame and a high-density polyurethane foam core.

Sound Installation

A Strongpoint door helps to reduce external noise, allowing you and your family to enjoy life without disturbance.


The wonderful, wet and windy, British weather is no match for a Strongpoint door. With our innovative waterproof door leaf and high-performance, weather resistant glazing system, proven to BS 6375-1, you’ll stay warm, dry and free from draughts.


Strongpoint isn’t the “Rich Tea” biscuit of the door world. We’re your “Hobnob”, strong, high-impact with enough stability to withstand whatever life throws at it.

Doors are busy places, they take a lot of traffic and need to be tough and resistant to scratches and knocks. They need to cope with shopping bags, furniture deliveries and sometimes hordes of children. Strongpoint is designed to cope with whatever your lifestyle throws at it.

Strongpoint make beautiful, tough and insulating doors. They make doors for real life, because that’s the one you’re living.