Cycle test champion

Not all door handles have their build quality tested in a cycle test. But those that do hope to achieve the accreditation standard of 100,000 cycles. Sweet was still opening and closing doors after 360,000.


Handle cycle test from Brisant-Secure on Vimeo.


A 20 year promise straight from us to you

We guarantee that your door furniture will still be working and looking sweet for 2 decades. Activate here. 


Why shouldn’t extreme personal protection look stunning? With Sweet’s unique ‘edgeless’ design, it always does. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, country-style or urban cool, Sweet stays effortlessly cool.

Ultion 2 Star Plus

The only suited security handle. Beautiful, corrosion-resistant hardware from the brains behind Britain’s most secure lock.

Sweet benefits

  • Edgeless registered design
  • 20 year corrosion and mechanical guarantee
  • Suited high security option
  • Available in 6 stunning colours

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