True value: Reap the benefits of PVC-U panel doors

Long after composite doors arrived on the scene, PVC-U panel doors remain popular. Their advantages are still delivering. They’re affordable, they need barely any maintenance and they’re tough, energy-efficient, secure and durable.

A great long-life product at a great price

Ask any homeowner with a PVC-U door installed why they’ve not moved onto a composite and you’re likely to hear them say ‘why replace a door that’s still doing its job’.

That message is a great selling point. It’s a door you can fit and forget that’s dependable, long-lasting, insulating and comes at a great price.

Great aesthetics too

Forget what you think about panel styles. The options have multiplied. You’ll find a moulding to suit any style of architecture. With stylish glazing cassettes and a choice of colours and hardware, there’s a wealth of options to suit any taste.

Truly resilient doors

  • A colour-fast door that won’t warp or crack
  • A ten-year guarantee for a door that will last much, much longer
  • Takes high-security hardware
  • Easy care
  • Energy efficient
  • British made to the very highest standards.

And in case we need to say it again – these doors are very affordable

Our panel doors are a top-notch product – robust, attractive, high performers without the hefty price tag.

You should check them out.

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