We’re celebrating sixteen years of solid progress.

Sweet Sixteen

Time flies. It seems like yesterday that we were a fledgling business in a small Bolton factory, but somehow, sixteen years have passed. Now we’re a major fabricator with awards to our name, loyal customers and a growing range of exciting products. Every year, our operation grows and we’re planning to continue that trend long into the future.

Technically at sixteen, we’re in the teenage years, but unlike a youngster still trying to find their way in the world, we feel poised and confident. Since our earliest days, we’ve always been willing to learn and pushing boundaries has become our norm. If something’s not working, we sort it. If there’s a new opportunity we grasp it. We’re investing, expanding our offering and building stronger and stronger relationships in the glazing industry and beyond.

Sixteen years in business is a landmark and one we’re happy to celebrate. But, in fact, what we’re celebrating isn’t a specific date or the anniversary of our incorporation. We’re celebrating sixteen years of solid progress.