We’ve been tested …

Our products are accredited, but these accreditations depend upon regular testing. After all, things change, and it’s important that our inputs, products and processes still reach the high standards we want to offer, and that you, our customers, expect.

This week some the Lancashire Trade team headed over to ERC Testing in Leigh, a purpose-built testing  facility. It wasn’t just our windows and doors that were under scrutiny. Also being put through ERC’s rigorous test protocols were the Spectus profiles and Total Hardware products we use.

It was fascinating to see first-hand what the tests entail: both the stresses and forces applied, and the sheer professionalism of ERC’s approach. We’re lucky to have such testing expertise nearby. ERC is an organisation based in the Netherlands, serving the glass and glazing industry across Europe and certifying products to globally respected and recognised standards.

It was an interesting day and a good one too. While test data has to be sent back to ERC’s HQ for a final review, we’re delighted to share the news everything was up to scratch.

Tests carried out included:

Casement Windows: BS6375 – weather testing, PAS 24 – enhanced security

Double doors: BS6375 – weather testing, PAS 24 – enhanced security

Composite doors: BS6375 – weather testing, PAS 24 – security

If you’d like to learn more about these tests, give us a call. Or head to ERC’s website at www.erc-testing.com/windows-and-doors.html.  It lists all the individual tests – from checking the attack resistance of lock cylinders to measuring the effects of extremes of wind and temperature.

With test protocols like these, windows and doors need to be tough. We’ve just proven that ours are.