Why you should offer your customers £1,000 when they want security

We’ve never met a homeowner who doesn’t want a good lock on their door. Even though they may not understand the locksmith buzzwords, they want real security. They want a lock that doesn’t give up when it’s attacked.

Meet Ultion

Ultion is the business. It’s a TS007 3-star, Sold Secure Diamond rated cylinder made by Brisant-Secure. And it’s different – with a molybdenum core that’s stronger than iron. Ultion has superb attack resistance and yet it’s a doddle to operate. It’s exactly what homeowners want.

The £1,000 guarantee

The makers of Ultion are confident that their lock cylinders are the ultimate. They’re offering £1,000 to anyone whose home is broken into because intruders have defeated the Ultion cylinder. We all know the lock is going to stand up to the challenge – and so does the homeowner, but that £1,000 of reassurance could net you a lot of extra business.

Ultion and Lancs Trade

If you want to sell doors, the right lock is a selling point.  We were so impressed when we saw Ultion, we knew we had to offer it. It’s a great product with a memorable promise, and consumers will be asking for it by name, so we’ve added it to our range

Ultion and you – personalised marketing

Make the most of the Ultion opportunity. We’re able to make Ultion a flagship product of your business, with professional consumer-focused marketing, including videos. Show your customers what makes Ultion their lock of choice.

Let’s Talk Ultion

Ultion is a game changer.
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