A Fully Reversible Window that really does make Sense

For too long, reversible windows have been a messy compromise. Now there’s an alternative, and it’s one that’s capable of achieving an A+ Window Energy Rating. Solid Sense Reversible Windows have style and thermal performance. They have perfect function and are fully sealed to protect against the weather. Even though they’re designed for medium and high-rise installation, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if they turn up in all sorts of properties.

Solid Sense Reversible Windows use Spectus 70mm frames and a five chamber construction that incorporates their AEROFRAMETM technology. The deep-bevelled frames can be glazed with units ranging from 24mm, right up to a 44mm triple-glazed option capable of a remarkable U-value of 0.8W/m2K.

In a fully reversible window, ease of operation is essential. Our windows rotate fully outside of the building. There’s no need to move internal furnishings or curtains, and, of course, they are fitted with restrictors and safety catches to prevent accidents. We offer a wide choice of colours and woodgrain finishes with handles to suit.