When you’re supplying a frame, you can’t give it a U-value.

It doesn’t matter how well insulated the frame is, that great big hole where the glass should be lets the wind blow in.

The only way you can be sure is to buy a window – frame and sealed unit together. Then the calculations make sense. Certificates can be produced, and you can guarantee your customer is going to get the performance they’re looking for.

A U-value is a joint effort. The frame contributes. The glass contributes.

We want to clear this up because we’re often asked about the U-values of our frames from those who source their glass elsewhere. But we supply glass too, and we can fabricate a window that meets the specification required with all the insulation, air leakage, weather performance and solar gain figures sorted and documented.

When you buy separately, you’re guessing.

Go for the great value, glass and frame combo from Lancs Trade and you’ve got the facts.

A standard service or a bespoke option

Ask us for an A-rated window and your U-value will be 1.4

Ask us for a C-rated window and your U-Value will be 1.6

Ask us for a specific U-value – 1.0 or 1.3 for example – and we’ll up the spec of the glass. No problem.

You’ll always know what you’re getting with Lancs Trade.

And that’s the whole truth.

Choose the glass and frame combo.  Call 0161 762 5800 or email