We’re settling on a superior astragal bar

For a long time, we’ve been offering two different astragal bars, one from Spectus, the other made by Kömmerling. Both have their fans, but after a lot of thinking, we’ve made a decision that a single option will work better – both for us and ultimately, for you.

We’ve picked the Kömmerling alternative because more of our customers ask for it. It’s a top-quality component which gives a superb finish on any window and which has performed well in all our tests. We’re sure that those more familiar with the Spectus version won’t find any issues going forward.

It’s important that we control costs to maintain competitive pricing. Controlling our costs while maintaining our quality, relies on things like careful management of our stock levels. Frankly, holding stock of two astragal bars, in our range of colours, doesn’t make sense, when functionally and visually, there’s no significant difference.

Naturally, when we discontinue a product we’ve been using for a long time, there may be some who have concerns. If that’s you, please get in touch. We’ll talk you through why the change is necessary and arrange for you to see the high quality and appearance of our alternative.

If you have any questions, just call us on 0161 762 5800

Thanks for your continued support.