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Exceptional quality in every style

We offer a range of glazing for doors that we believe is unbeatable, there are options to suit all door layouts and all property styles. From the most traditional period homes to those pushing the boundaries of contemporary design, there’s a solution that’s just right. Standards are very high. Our insulated glass units are secure […]

“The aluminium market won’t be rushed” Mark Rowland, MD

The title of this piece is something I said a few days ago, and I stand by it, despite many who have been quoting figures to me of the growth rates in aluminium glazing. This market is moving at its own steady pace. Don’t get me wrong, I accept those growth rates. I agree wholeheartedly […]

Let’s big up the best

We believe that installers don’t get enough credit for the work they do. You work in all weathers, swiftly and with skill. You’re qualified, diligent, responsible and brilliant at problem solving. You make people’s homes warmer, safer, more secure and weatherproof. You transform the look and feel of all sizes of property, from the humblest […]

The trouble with trends

I watched a documentary recently about the throwaway nature of the fashion industry. Cheap clothes, discarded long before they’re worn out, are costing the planet, but the market seems to be driven by unstoppable forces. To be in vogue is everything. It’s not just clothing, no industry is immune to constantly changing fashion. Remember the […]

Doing our best every day, not just for the award’s season

We’ve just heard that we’re a finalist in the G19 Fabricator of the Year Awards and, naturally, we’re delighted. We’re hoping to go one better and scoop the title at the end of November. It would be a high point on which to finish the year, a ringing endorsement of everything we’ve done, and a […]

True value: Reap the benefits of PVC-U panel doors

Long after composite doors arrived on the scene, PVC-U panel doors remain popular. Their advantages are still delivering. They’re affordable, they need barely any maintenance and they’re tough, energy-efficient, secure and durable. A great long-life product at a great price Ask any homeowner with a PVC-U door installed why they’ve not moved onto a composite […]

When did you last challenge your assumptions?

Assumptions can be tremendously helpful. They eliminate the stress of worrying about every outcome. They allow us to work to predictable patterns. They shortcut the time it takes us to make decisions and give us a platform on which to base our opinions. When our assumptions are sound – based on logic, facts and experience […]

New brochure highlights the strong points of the Strongpoint™ door

The latest addition to Lancashire Trade Frame’s suite of literature, which details its Solid Sense™ range, highlights the business’s diverse composite door offering. In full colour and extending to 36 pages, the brochure combines clear layouts, straightforward messaging and a vast array of images of doors, both in situ and for illustrative purposes. Aimed at […]

Lancs in the Community

Our success means that we’re able to support our community in other ways, too. We’ve recruited apprentices from the local area and are helping them through their industry qualifications. We also sponsor a number of local junior football clubs, Bury Billiard’s League and professional snooker player Craig Steadman. These commitments are long term. We know […]